Coast to Coast Day 8: Orton to Kirkby Stephen

The weather forecast was great for this 12-mile day, so it was really disappointing when Dean reluctantly decided he needed a rest day as he had severe toe pain. He was able to get a lift with an Australian couple who were staying at the same pub. Unfortunately, the next B&B did not open forContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 8: Orton to Kirkby Stephen”

Coast to Coast Day 7: Shap to Orton

Today was a refreshing change and a relatively short one at 7.8 miles in just less than 4 hours. Most importantly, the whole team was hiking together again! The walking was across moorland and relatively flat farmland on spongy grass, allowing the legs to recover from the Lakeland rocks. While we are still in Cumbria,Continue reading “Coast to Coast Day 7: Shap to Orton”

Coast to Coast Day 6: Patterdale to Shap (Low Raise alternate)

Today we completed just over 15 miles in just under 8.5 hours of walking. This was our final day in the Lake District and this blog will be a bit different from the others so far. First, I am seeing the real danger of all the days blurring together. Even though experiences might sound similarContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 6: Patterdale to Shap (Low Raise alternate)”

Coast to Coast Day 5: Grasmere to Patterdale

[If you receive this by email, you might want to click the title above to read it in a browser, especially for the embedded videos which don’t display well in email. Today, I was lucky enough to get some drone footage so I have included a few short videos. Hope you enjoy!] Today we completedContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 5: Grasmere to Patterdale”

Coast to Coast Day 4: Rest day in Grasmere

Today we completed 0 miles in 12 hours😎. It was a perfect day of relaxation with no alarm, breakfast at a leisurely 9:30, and a bit of gentle strolling. We stocked up on yummy snacks from hobnobs to Cadburys, with local sausage rolls for tomorrow’s lunch. We also had a fine visit to the chemistContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 4: Rest day in Grasmere”

Coast to Coast Day 3: Stonethwaite to Grasmere

The 8-mile distance of this leg disguises its challenges, illustrated by our taking 7.5 hours to complete it. It started with rain but fortunately that soon cleared up and intermittent blue sky brightened our ascent out of the Borrowdale valley. The recent rain swelled the rivers and filled the waterfalls. Bridges were rare so weContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 3: Stonethwaite to Grasmere”

Coast to Coast Day 2: Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite

Most of us described this as the toughest day of our lives. The word to describe the photos was “real.” It took us 9.5 hours to hike the 15.5 miles from Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite, and Mother Nature made sure that we would remember this day for a long, long time. Everyone faced tremendous physicalContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 2: Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite”

Coast to Coast Day 1: St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

It took us just over 7 hours to walk these 14.5 miles. The weather was kind, providing some beautiful views while also giving us a taste of how English rain can be cold and wet. The highlight for everyone was the walk along the cliff tops of St. Bees Head, looking out over the IrishContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 1: St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge”

Coast to Coast Day 0: Ready to Start after a fine visit to Ulverston.

We have made it to St. Bees! If you want to know why we are here, scroll down to where I explain this “Coast to Coast” adventure we are doing to walk across England, which starts here in St. Bees. We left Houston on Friday evening, leaving our houses, pets, and plants under the watchfulContinue reading “Coast to Coast Day 0: Ready to Start after a fine visit to Ulverston.”

Barker Dam: Checking out my drone for our Coast to Coast trip

(If you receive this via email, it works better if you view it by clicking the title above. Embedded videos don’t work so well with emails.) After our Grand Canyon trip of 5 days, it took me another 5 days to sort through the footage on my computer and post on Instagram, Relive, and thisContinue reading “Barker Dam: Checking out my drone for our Coast to Coast trip”

Counting Down the Days to Start the Coast to Coast

Our adventure is getting so close that I can smell the sea air and feel the wind in my face at the top of the Lake District fells. We fly overnight to Heathrow on Friday 24th June before getting a long shuttle from Heathrow to Ulverston to avoid the planned rail strike. After a dayContinue reading “Counting Down the Days to Start the Coast to Coast”