Coast to Coast Day 10: Keld to Reeth

Team Sloth was at full strength again today. The young ‘uns were ready for the high route, with us oldies opting for the low one, which was a bit more middle at times. It certainly felt that way as we approached Reeth after 7 hours and a little over 13 miles.

We were treated to a scrumptious breakfast and were sad to leave Frith Lodge so soon. Spending about 15 hours total at each stop leaves one with a strange feeling of constant movement. If we do longer trips, we’ll need to find a way to moderate that feeling. We walked together down the Pennine Way back to the C2C path, but fairly soon Bailey and Samuel headed off on the high route. The guidebook reported the distance and time to be the same as the low route, but the difference in elevation profile hinted at the increased difficulty. While the kids enjoyed the walk through mining history, had no difficulty, and arrived at Reeth 3 hours before us, they were asleep in bed when we arrived at 5 pm! We all were still suffering from the hard day over/through the bog…

The low trail started as a pleasant track following the Swale. We considered visiting Muker, but our priority was completing today with the least effort. Unfortunately, in choosing not to take the track to Muker, I inadvertently took a higher path than the designated one that took us up to Ramps Holme. After 1-2 miles of climb, jealously admiring a couple of ladies walking a fine path beside the river below us, we took a trail down from Calvert Houses. We then started traversing meadows of freshly cut grass being prepared for hay, which was common throughout the day. The downside was squeezing through very narrow gaps in the dry stone walls, designed to be too narrow for sheep which did not leave much room for us! We stopped in Gunnerside for lunch, sitting in its beautifully decorated square and happily using their public facilities before heading on. After Gunnerside, the official low route went high, like we had done in the first half. I could find paths on the OS map that kept us closer to the river which was flatter, which we preferred. One exception was a 1/2 mile walk along the top of a wall, which was an official footpath! While the scenery along the river was beautiful, the day dragged on. We were very glad to arrive in Reeth, summon the kids out of bed for the day’s finishers photo, and spend the rest of the day and evening relaxing in our pub. What little we saw of Reeth looked quaint, but our interest in such things was very low.

I am hopeful that tomorrow’s 10-mile day will prove easier, and then we have a rest day. Today’s weather was kind, and while tomorrow’s day looks warmer at 70degF/21degC, that might be too hot! at least it should be dry, so all of us will be in our trainers, with more than just Bailey showing off their Hokas!

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I loved the view out of my bedroom window, from the threatening low cloud to the vegetable garden.
Yorkshire crumpets were new to me, but I enjoyed the crumpet, soaked in egg and fried, very much!
Team Sloth ready to go!
The hike down from Frith Lodge with fresh legs was easier than the hike up after the previous long day.
It was fun to be on the Pennine Way for a while, though I have heard it has a lot of bog…
The kids were soon going their separate way, and Bailey’s priority was to capture her style!
She was not happy with what a fall in mud did to the style!
They passed by some interesting mining ruins
and had some tough climbs.
While they had some good bonding moments,
food remains Samuel’s priority!
They were happy to take their own finisher’s photo. Meanwhile, the oldies were three hours behind, enjoying their sights! 😁
An easy track followed the Swale.
The sheep around here liked to go down on their front knees, which we had not seen before.
Abandoned and derelict farm buildings were all over.
After walking higher than planned, we got great views of Muker lying nestled in the valley bottom.
It was a steep path to get back down to the official path after I had led us all higher.
We were soon traversing meadows used for winter hay.
The narrow gaps were quite a squeeze. We had to get through over 30 of these!
These cows looked cute…
… but we weren’t so sure about this one who was lying on our path, so we walked around her!
We crossed a bridge and I proved I was not scared of all bridges!
Gunnerside was a perfect stop for lunch.
After lunch, the path varied from woodland
to open meadow
to alongside the river.
Janet enjoyed walking along the top of a wall
but Tracy wasn’t so sure.
We were all glad to reach our destination!

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Published by Peter Ireland

I am originally from England, and my wife Janet is from Louisiana. When we started Geocaching in 2002, we needed a name, and the Cajunlimeys were created, and that is the name I use for my blog. Even though Janet has no Cajun blood, her cooking is excellent! “Limeys” comes from the nickname for English sailors, who ate limes to prevent scurvy. We live in Houston, Texas, with Bailey and Samuel. We love adventures and want to share the experiences with others. When planning trips, I have found other people’s sites very useful, so I want to give back and add a different perspective.

4 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Day 10: Keld to Reeth

  1. I really enjoy reading the details of your journey and look forward to it each morning. Peter you have a real gift for communicating and writing the details so vividly! This is certainly a challenging journey to say the least. I can ‘feel’ your moments of stress and exhilaration after pushing through the very difficult days! Tell Tracy I keep thinking she will have such great ammunition whenever her kindergartners want to complain…she can say “Oh no you don’t …let me tell you about how I persevered through my Coast to Coast journey!! You will all be forever bonded in an extra special way as family and friends from this adventure!!! Blessings to all of you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a breakfast!! What pictures!! Love that the sheep bowing down. That May make the next Sunday School lesson. And how about Interplanet Janet doing her balance beam work with a bright smile?!!! Enjoy your next rest day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When Tracy first fell on her knees in the mud, I made sure everyone knew she was just praying for us! There were more sheep and lambs on day 11 and some interesting observations, but it might be a challenge to factor into Sunday School!


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