Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Terry Hershey Park to Woodway Memorial Park

After I had completed the lower “half” of the trail, I was eager to do the top half. I found few accounts of other’s adventures, but one suggested some obstacles, which made me a bit concerned. I was reluctant to do this by myself the first time, so I waited for the right opportunity. AfterContinue reading “Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Terry Hershey Park to Woodway Memorial Park”

Hiking Through a Forest Fire on The LSHT Grand Loop

How did we get here? I’d wanted to hike the Eagle Rock Loop in early January with buddies Vance and Max, but it didn’t happen. Vance and I managed to arrange the Grand Loop starting February 10th, a 3-day, 2-night, 30-mile loop following 18 miles of the Little Lake Creek Loop (LLCL) from LSHT TrailheadContinue reading “Hiking Through a Forest Fire on The LSHT Grand Loop”

Samuel’s Scouting Journey

This post is about Samuel’s 3-4 years spent in scouts. Hopefully you will like the photos and stories, and get an appreciation of what scouts is about and what it takes to advance. It all started in January 2016 with our first campout at Alligator Creek with Troop 13 which was affiliated with Samuel’s school.Continue reading “Samuel’s Scouting Journey”

Reflections on the Collegiate Loop

My 16-year-old son Samuel and I completed this loop over 11 nights/12 days in the summer of 2021. The daily adventures are captured in other blog posts on this site. This post aims to provide background in the hope that it might guide or even inspire others. It is a fantastic hike but is bestContinue reading “Reflections on the Collegiate Loop”

Reflections on an LSHT Thru-Hike

(Originally published on the Lone Star Hiking Trail Facebook page.) WHAT I DID. I hiked the LSHT westbound in six days, from Tuesday 11th May to Monday 17th May. I hiked solo. I did not get resupplied mid-route, and I did not pre-stash any water. Forums like this have helped me do this and haveContinue reading “Reflections on an LSHT Thru-Hike”

Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Briar Bend Park to Woodway Memorial Park

This is a “catch-up” post from May 2020 to describe our second outing on the Buffalo Bayou. Having successfully completed a solo outing the previous week, I persuaded Samuel to join me for the next leg. The days were getting hot, so a short trip was advised. Moving upstream from my previous outing, the nextContinue reading “Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Briar Bend Park to Woodway Memorial Park”

Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Woodway Memorial Park to Allen’s Landing

This is a “catch-up” post from April 2020, when COVID was just starting to get real. The legacy of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 remained strong. We’d bought our bright-green ten-foot “Lifetime Manta” kayak for less than $300 in 2012 to have some fun with the kids. It had been hanging from the ceiling of ourContinue reading “Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail: Woodway Memorial Park to Allen’s Landing”