Scanning Scrapbooks (and more)

Before everything went digital, Janet used to create inspiring scrapbooks of our adventures. They sit on the shelf, occasionally brought out for some fantastic memories, but there remains the nagging concern that they are not “backed up.” While a digital copy cannot do them justice, I’ve just finished scanning the scrapbooks so this post isContinue reading “Scanning Scrapbooks (and more)”

How I Shot the Sunrise With My Drone

This is a quick description of how I shot the sunrise photos I posted separately. Most of the work is done by a DJI Mini 2 drone and in Adobe’s Lightroom software, both of which I am quite new to. This was my second attempt to take sunrise photos from our house. I’d had aContinue reading “How I Shot the Sunrise With My Drone”

Sunrise Over Downtown Houston

Waking up this morning before dawn to catch the sunrise, my first thought went to Louisiana as Hurricane Ida bears down on them. My photo feed yesterday brought back memories of Harvey, and there are many comparisons between Ida and Katrina which made landfall 16 years ago in the same week. I prayed for safetyContinue reading “Sunrise Over Downtown Houston”

Samuel’s Scouting Journey

This post is about Samuel’s 3-4 years spent in scouts. Hopefully you will like the photos and stories, and get an appreciation of what scouts is about and what it takes to advance. It all started in January 2016 with our first campout at Alligator Creek with Troop 13 which was affiliated with Samuel’s school.Continue reading “Samuel’s Scouting Journey”

Reflections on the Collegiate Loop

My 16-year-old son Samuel and I completed this loop over 11 nights/12 days in the summer of 2021. The daily adventures are captured in other blog posts on this site. This post aims to provide background in the hope that it might guide or even inspire others. It is a fantastic hike but is bestContinue reading “Reflections on the Collegiate Loop”

Collegiate Loop Day 12 – Hunt Lake to Monarch Crest

Our last day of the loop. The weather was kind, but an unexpected detour briefly dampened spirits. We were not going to let is get us down: Up at 5. There had been beautiful stars and moon earlier. Tent was very wet but we packed everything up with a new energy knowing today was theContinue reading “Collegiate Loop Day 12 – Hunt Lake to Monarch Crest”

Collegiate Loop Day 11 – North Fork Chalk Creek to Hunt Lake

With CW03 behind us, the biggest challenge had been accomplished. This day brought peaceful beauty and great variety: Difficult to get up at 5. Samuel has slept well while Peter had had a restless night. Fixed breakfast but the oatmeal is getting old. We’re all tired and slow but at least everything was dry thisContinue reading “Collegiate Loop Day 11 – North Fork Chalk Creek to Hunt Lake”

Collegiate Loop Day 10 – Cottonwood Pass to North Fork Chalk Creek

The night wasn’t as bad as it could have been. It stayed above freezing and the wind did not pick up. It felt like it would be quite exposed in high winds. So, the day had come when we spent the whole day above tree line. Woo hoo: Up at 5. P got up atContinue reading “Collegiate Loop Day 10 – Cottonwood Pass to North Fork Chalk Creek”