I am originally from England, and my wife Janet is from Louisiana. When we started Geocaching in 2002, we needed a name, and the Cajunlimeys were created. Janet grew up in Southwest Louisiana which is the heart of Cajun country. Even though Janet has no Cajun blood, her cooking is excellent! “Limeys” comes from the nickname for English sailors, who ate limes to prevent scurvy.

We live in Houston, Texas, with Bailey and Samuel.

The Ireland Family, photography by Marlo Wise

We love adventures and want to share the experiences with others. When planning trips, I have found other people’s sites very useful, so I want to give back and add a different perspective.

Adventure has taken various forms through the different seasons in life.  I was blessed with a fine international career in the Oil and Gas industry for thirty years, which enabled us to do so much. While my family has given me so much joy, here is the subset that I hope to describe on this site alongside new experiences:

College/University (1987-1990)A Diving Expedition to Egypt. (1989)
 A Botanical Expedition to Venezuela and two epic hikes. (1990-1991)
“Pay to play” while single (1991-1998)Scientific Expedition to Irian Jaya with Trekforce. (1992)
 Reef surveys in Belize with Coral Cay Conservation. (1995)
 Studying Mountain Lions in Pocatello, Idaho with Earthwatch. (1996)
Married, no kids (1998-2002)Captured in scrapbooks that we have digitized.
Young kids (2003 – 2014)Road trip to Washington DC via various National Parks (2013)
 Road trip to the Grand Canyon (2014)
 Road trip to the Dakotas and Chicago with our pop-up camper (2014)
Teenage kids (2015 – present)Road trip to Niagara Falls, and plenty in between (2016)
 Road trip in the Western US from Mexico to Canada in an RV (2017)
 Hiking Guadalupe Peak, Texas’s highest peak (2015 and bringing in 2020)
 Hiking Big Bend National Park (2016, 2017, 2019, 2021)
 Scouting with Troop 13 (2016 – 2019) [archived website]
 Hiking Snowmass / Capitol circuit in Colorado (2018)
 Visiting the Holy Land (2018)
 SCUBA diving with scouts at Seabase, Florida (2019)
 Hiking the Lake District peaks in England (2019)
 Hiking Lone Star Hiking Trail in Texas (2019, 2021)
 Sailing around the British Virgin Islands (2020)
 SCUBA diving from Pensacola, including the Oriskany and hunting lionfish (2020)
 Road trip visiting North Carolina waterfalls in an RV (2020)
 SCUBA diving cenotes in Mexico (2021)
 Hiking the Collegiate Loop in Colorado (2021)
Kayaking the Buffalo Bayou in Houston (2020 and 2022)
Hiking the Grand Canyon and Buckskin Gulch (2022)
Hiking England’s Coast to Coast (2022)
Hiking Arkansas’s Eagle Rock Loop (2022)

The next few years will be a time of transition as our kids go to college and we become empty nesters. We look forward to what life has to bring!

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