Coast to Coast Day 11: Reeth to Richmond

We all slept well and were ready to get to Richmond and our rest day. This day was pleasantly uneventful, with perhaps a few more hills than the team would have liked, with Dean challenging my description “undulating.” It was also quite warm, and while only 70 degF, that feels hot when walking and we had to start rationing water at one point. Completing the 10.5 miles in less than 5 hours was great as it gave us plenty of time to chill at the hotel. We all are feeling quite weary.

The day started with flat roads and meadows so we made fast progress. The first “feature” was a climb up a hill, which was paved by nuns and known as their 375 steps. Tracy and Dean share their thoughts on that below! While Elaine’s kitchen was enticing, it was after only about 3 miles and we wanted to keep going to St Edmund’s church in Marske. St Edmund’s is a fine old church with a variety of refreshments on an honesty basis, but we were disappointed that there wasn’t a loo. On we marched after a snack, though the trudge up to Applegarth Scar dampened some of the enthusiasm, especially with the sun getting hotter. The path entered woodland which was refreshingly cooler, and then the view opened up to show Richmond and the North Yorkshire Moors beyond, though the team were not too interested in hearing about future hills! The path soon turned to road and a pleasant downhill stroll into town. The rest of the day was about rest and food, and we will see what energy we have for doing anything tomorrow!

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Any day when the team is starting at full strength is a good day!
Our first steps took us across Reeth’s green. The weather was looking good for the day!
We were soon following a lovely path along the river.
Samuel appreciated getting some rays!
The nun’s 375 steps took some work.
The face of determination!
Tracy shares her thoughts about the steps.
Dean is a bit more direct!
Though after the climb, we were rewarded with plenty of pretty cottages and colorful gardens.
Bailey found a great spot to pose, and I must compliment her on how well she coordinates with today’s sky!
Though three of us were showing off our Hokas today!
We all enjoyed the easy hiking across freshly-mowed meadows …
… as our smiles suggest!
It was getting so hot that even the sheep sought shade!
A couple of lambs snuggle with their mother. It appears that mum lies down on the grass to prevent her babies from taking milk. However, as we walked passed, they jumped up and the lambs didn’t waste any time getting a meal, as shown in the video below.
One of the cutest things we’ve seen is the lambs wagging their tails as they feed. I am determined to capture them in action. This came close but I want one from the other angle. This video looks very uncomfortable for mum, but she does not seem fazed by it and keeps an watchful eye on me…
The weather was great all day, and the path well marked.
While the C2C sign above was welcomed, the 6 miles to Richmond contradicted the “5 miles to go” that the guide had just announced, which led to me being challenged. There might have been a couple of occasions on the trip when my distances lacked some accuracy, and the team was quite sensitive to it today! 😎
So, moving on quickly, we made it to St. Edmunds which had great snacks. Though the consternation returned when the team could not find a loo.
Dean and Tracy looked particularly happy to visit and rest in an old church. That was until the lack of loo was identified…
After our break, the path brought us through more meadows. At this point, I was surprised how long it took until someone asked “are we going up THAT?”
There was welcome shade and a rudimentary bridge just before our ascent.
With the ascent over, the views opened up again. The variety of views has kept us so interested, always wondering what the next bend might reveal.
We must admit we prefer the gates to stiles as there is less climbing or squeezing, but we have to remember to leave them how we found them, which is normally closed.
The path turned to road and we caught our first glimpse of Richmond in the distance.
This was the viewpoint of Richmond that Wainwright was particularly fond of.
And soon we were finished! I was so impressed with everyone’s smile for the finisher’s photo, that I asked them to show how they really felt…
… and I think Tracy best captures the team’s feelings! However, we have a full rest day before the final sections towards Robin Hood’s Bay, so I am optimistic we will all be eager to move on soon.

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2 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Day 11: Reeth to Richmond

  1. You guys are amazing. Congratulations on a race well run. I know your end of day conversations must include where shall we go and what shall we do next year??? Those of us who have been traveling with you vicariously, and loving every step and bog fall, will be happy to make sugestions for next year. Top of the list so far is white water kayaking across country in Russia! You will be gobsmacked with how close and personal you will be to countless bear along the way. Stay tuned for our next suggestion.

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  2. Hi, enjoying this and feels like I am there too..wish.  Tell Janet  Tammy says hi and she’s a rock star (she should remember me from the Cayman Brac…ha 😊). You all are SO amazing!!! 🙏

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