Coast to Coast Day 16+: Sunset Drone at the Lion Inn

I’d looked forward to capturing the sunset from the Lion Inn since before the trip started. I had done a recce flight with my DJI Mini 2 earlier which was part of the day’s post. This evening adventure deserves its own blog – not least because the day’s post was already published and I wanted to go to bed!

Dean and Samuel joined me on the mound behind the Lion Inn. It was so peaceful, and the evening wind made it a bit chilly which was most welcome and made it feel more that we were on the moor! It reminded Samuel and I of our previous camping trips, especially our epic experiences on Dale Head in the Lakes. It was helpful to have an extra pair of eyes spotting the drone’s location. By placing the pilot at the highest point in such an open area, it allowed flying further away and bigger loops. Dean did not want to fly through fear of crashing, though he has added the same drone to his Amazon wishlist for after their daughter’s wedding… Dean was glad when Samuel took over from me, as my landing might have got a bit too close to him. Samuel immediately knew what he was doing, though when he indicated his familiarity with FPV (first person view) through the term FPS (first person shooter), he gave away that some of the familiarity might be through Xbox! It was a lot of fun helping someone else with their creativity rather than just relying on my own. Dean got some great photos of us with his phone too!

I was really happy with the photos we all got, with my favourites below. It is a great location for a drone. The sunset was cool too, but not quite enough to persuade me to get up for the 4:45 sunrise, which I now leave for Robin Hood’s Bay. I’m still not so sure about the video, and think it just needs more time to edit and cut, and extra footage to blend in. Doing any of this on the same day as shooting it and hiking ~12 miles necessities compromise, but the challenge is finding where. I’d love to know what you think of my results below.

As soon as I was airborne, I captured this looking back over the moors that we had walked over that day. They look very different from when you are hiking through them, and the pattern suggests some areas have had the surface removed.
The Lion Inn with an atmospheric sunset. You might be able to spot us on the mound behind its right corner, but it’s ok if you don’t as it wasn’t supposed to be a photo of us!
This one was of us. I am glad Dean reminded us all to suck in our bellies for this close-up!
Samuel was a natural. I’m sure I recognize that expression from somewhere…
It was fun teaching Samuel, though there wasn’t much teaching. It was good to have a better pair of eyes following the drone. The evening sky made it easier to see the drone, up to about 1000 ft away horizontally, and the maximum allowed of 400 ft above us.
I love this one that Dean captured with his phone.
Here is another panoramic of the moor we had walked over. You can see the trail on the left, and the pattern in the moor showing how stuff has been removed.
Dean re-enacted his near-death experience when I was landing the drone too close to him…. But Samuel had the controls now so all was good. 😎
My favourite shot of the evening.
I took my final drone photo when holding the drone. I was surprised how well it worked!

The above were photos that I’m more confident with. Here are some videos that I need more experience with

This was a fun flight, straight over the Lion Inn towards the sunset. The control is “manual.”
This was a fun circular video around us. The DJI Mini 2 can do a few “quick shots” where it can fly a preprogrammed route, like flying a circle around something. It then creates a sped up video with music.
Finally, we flew the same preprogrammed circular “quick shot,” but around the Lion Inn. It shows off the views from different angles.

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