Coast to Coast Day 16: Clay Bank Top to Blakey Ridge

While this has been the easiest day of the trip at 8.7 miles at just over 3 hours, it was not short of views and the weather was perfect. We got our lift from the hotel back to the lay-by, and were soon climbing up the major hill of the day. Unfortunately, the path did not take us near the Oreo cows, who looked like they hadn’t got up yet! Having climbed up the paved path, it leveled out into a smooth, graded trail for the rest of the day. In addition to great moorland views, we were treated to white wisps of moorland cotton and the cautious inquisitiveness of grouse, extra-wary with their young close by. The Lion Inn was soon in view, and we felt as high and isolated as one would expect at Britain’s 4th highest inn. We arrived before noon, beating Dean and Tracy! They had taken the same bus as yesterday to Stokesley, with the same driver and no other passengers. They enjoyed a fine coffee shop (and found a working ATM) before getting a taxi to Blakey Ridge, and ended up with the same chatty taxi driver as a couple of days ago. I was glad that the “small town” aspect was emphasized! So, Team Sloth was back together again for a fine lunch in the pub. The temperature was cooler so it was perfect napping weather, which the rest of the team made the most of as they hadn’t slept much over the last two hot nights. For some unknown reason, the heat hadn’t bothered me much and I’d slept very well, so I made the most of the calm conditions and checked out the area with my drone, hoping for a great sunset later, and perhaps a good sunrise…

Check out today’s short overview video at:

Ready for another day on the hills!
While waiting for our lift, a duck wandered by, though we hadn’t see a pond!
Back in the lay-by where yesterday’s walk had finished.
Meanwhile, Dean and Tracy were enjoying a fine morning “snack” in Stokesley.
Our Oreo cows were lined up nicely, as if they were in a packet! Unfortunately, our path did not take us nearby, so no Oreos for breakfast!
The heat and drought have increased the fire risk.
Having climbed the hill, it was time to enjoy a breather while taking in the view …
… and looking back to yesterday’s Wainstones. You can see the clear forest track that Janet and I took, and the fainter path coming off the ridge that Samuel and Bailey took.
The sheep were well behaved and happy to pose.
The path was smooth with a barely-noticeable gentle slope. This photo looks back to the escarpment we had started at.
The path was similar for much of the walk making it easy going. The face in this stone pillar was creepy, so I did not hang around!
We were treated to some moorland cotton to supplement the views.
I loved how the cotton played in the wind.
The kids patiently waited for us, once…
Bailey was ready for a photo of today’s style. Has she had a different outfit every day? I don’t know how she fitted everything in her suitcase!
We were also treated by grouse, but sadly we didn’t have Dean to ask why they were crossing the road 😞.
This momma was particularly wary; we noticed her young ones in the gorse.
Our Wispa Gold, chocolate and caramel bar had turned to liquid yesterday, but had solidified and tasted yummy today!
The trail followed an old railway line that used to serve local iron ore mines. It’s flatness made the walking easy. There wasn’t even an undulation!
Janet was wondering why I was taking a photo when it was starting to rain… It was only a bit of drizzle so it was quite refreshing! Well, I thought so…
Around the next bend, we could see The Lion. Yay!
Our arrival photo …
Dean and Tracy arrived soon after us.
After checking in, while everyone else was napping, I could play with the drone. The views of the valley opened up!
The inn wasn’t too busy.
This shows the isolation. The inn gets snowed in during the winter.
A fun video that shows off The Lion from various angles. Spot the sheep under the inn’s sign, and hanging out on the road!

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