Coast to Coast Day 4: Rest day in Grasmere

Today we completed 0 miles in 12 hours😎. It was a perfect day of relaxation with no alarm, breakfast at a leisurely 9:30, and a bit of gentle strolling. We stocked up on yummy snacks from hobnobs to Cadburys, with local sausage rolls for tomorrow’s lunch. We also had a fine visit to the chemist who gave us great advice about blisters and an inflamed Achilles. Mark, Sarah, Grace, and Peter drove from Ulverston and we had a fine walk around town visiting a few of the highlights like the gingerbread shop, Wordsworth’s grave, and St. Oswald’s church. I was very glad to relinquish the title of guide for a day! The wandering around peaked with a visit to a tearoom for a late lunch / snack. Grasmere has a dramatically different vibe compared to what we had seen before, being an iconic Lakeland town, and hence quite touristy. The weather was very kind and there were not too many tourists, all of which resulted in a grand rest day. The day was rounded off with the best meal of the trip so far, leaving us ready for the next day’s climb!

It was great to stock up on snacks, and the coop was only 2 minutes from the hotel. As a bonus, there was a Chemist next door with great advice and products for hiking ailments!
We had a fine late lunch / snack at the Freda and Ray cafe. Dean had chosen to sleep instead so he missed out, though he was happy with his sleep! He joined us to get gingerbread…
We passed the front of the restaurant that we had eaten at the night before, but had entered from the back. It looked completely different! We had enjoyed the fish and chips especially. While we had a reservation, they have a large bar area with food which would be useful for Coasters without reservations, but it would be wise to arrive early (like 6pm) as it filled up.
We made it to the famous Gingerbread shop which is surprisingly small. The building used to be the school, and William Wordsworth himself helped teach at the school as he championed the value of education for all.
Grasmere’s gingerbread has its own distinct history and flavour, unlike anything you will find elsewhere.
The serving area is small, and the gingerbread is made in the back half of the former school.
While the crowds looked for Wordsworth’s grave, Dean was excited when he found a potential Townsend ancestor. The graves are in the grounds of St. Oswald’s church, which dates back to 642 A.D.
We asked Grace and Peter to take a group photo of Team Sloth, but they got confused about the camera direction…
Surprisingly, Grace and Peter took a great photo of our team!
Lucia herself served us some fine-looking sausage rolls that we look forward to as lunch tomorrow!
As we wandered through the centre of town, we hit “rush hour” with two buses and a queue to get on!
Dean has noticed that Peter sometimes made an interesting facial expression . Bailey realized this was his Perry the Platypus face, and does a much better impression!
Our dinner at Lewis’s was probably the best meal of our trip so far, combining great food and service with great views!
It looks like we are ready to start hiking again!

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    1. The cinnamon rolls looked good but I wasn’t sure if they would travel well in a backpack. And we leave before she opens today, or I would get one! It’s a good excuse to come back though 😎.

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