Coast to Coast Day 7: Shap to Orton

Today was a refreshing change and a relatively short one at 7.8 miles in just less than 4 hours. Most importantly, the whole team was hiking together again! The walking was across moorland and relatively flat farmland on spongy grass, allowing the legs to recover from the Lakeland rocks. While we are still in Cumbria, the trail has transitioned from the Lakes into the Yorkshire Dales National Park with little fanfare and the above change in landscape. The weather was threatening at times and occasionally delivered the odd shower, though the distant Lakeland fells looked a lot wetter! We did not find the Oddendale stone circle, though we did not look hard as it was about to rain. The rocks known as Robin Hood’s Grave are difficult to miss, and the weather was kind enough for a drone flight. A couple of couples overtook us doing a 20-mile day toKirkby Stephen. One couple crossed is doing the C2C East to West, calling their Orton to Shap a “rest day.” While our rest days are complete rests, this leg was refreshing with the open moorland views. We arrived in Orton early enough to enjoy lunch at the Orton Scar cafe and couldn’t skip Kennedy’s chocolate shop. A fine dinner at the George Hotel set us up perfectly for tomorrow’s trek to Kirkby Stephen.

I am humbled that there are over 200 views of each day’s story. I hope I can continue to make this interesting, and I thank you for reading as it encourages me to complete the day’s story each night, which is not my first choice after a hard day’s hiking!

Watch a one-minute video which recaps the day’s journey at

You could see the distinctive shape of Kidsty Pike from the kids’ bedroom.
It was great to have the full Team Sloth hiking together again.
It wasn’t long until we found some lambs. They were lying in a strange way which got us worried, but they ran off as we approached.
Dean posed while climbing over a stile as we approached the footbridge over the M6
And Bailey had to show off her style, of course!
The M6 is a psychological boundary of the Lake District, so I though I would try a selfie-panorama with the bridge and Kidsty Pike.
The psychological boundary was particularly challenging for me due to my fear of heights. I was almost sick going over the bridge… The fear makes no sense!
We were glad to be in the other side of the M6 (especially me!) and heading to Orton.
A couple of cute baby horses said hello just before we headed into the open moor.
A lone tree marked the horizon.
It was lovely walking along the grassy paths across the open moor.
We could see some rain coming, but fortunately it did not last long. It was quite refreshing!
We were enjoying the day’s hike.
There was one steep section before a rock formation know as Robin Hood’s Chair.
Bailey made the most of the opportunity to show off her outfit.
We enjoyed a brief rest, but we’re eager to get to our destination early, for once!
The weather allowed a quick drone flight
We loved the openness of the moorland.
Even though it was a short day, we were happy to know we were on the last mile. Especially with more weather threatening.
Onwards to Orton!
We quickly made friends with the locals.
And Team Sloth made it to our destination for the night!
Orton is a beautiful quiet village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.
Our bed for the night was at the George Hotel. Photo courtesy of my drone 😁.

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I am originally from England, and my wife Janet is from Louisiana. When we started Geocaching in 2002, we needed a name, and the Cajunlimeys were created, and that is the name I use for my blog. Even though Janet has no Cajun blood, her cooking is excellent! “Limeys” comes from the nickname for English sailors, who ate limes to prevent scurvy. We live in Houston, Texas, with Bailey and Samuel. We love adventures and want to share the experiences with others. When planning trips, I have found other people’s sites very useful, so I want to give back and add a different perspective.

6 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Day 7: Shap to Orton

  1. Loving your blog. You’re all doing so well (Although v impressed with Samuel). Did this walk once in 2 halves, and on another occasion walked from St Bees to Keld, and then joined Herriots Way walk. We are from Australia. Just love the English countryside, and your blog brings back wonderful memories. Thank you so much.


  2. Thank you for your daily posts. We are loving being armchair followers of your amazing journey. We are wowed by your tenacity and grit,


  3. Love that you post daily even when you are so tired!! I look forward to reading and sharing the adventures from afar!!


    1. LOVE watching from afar. Loving the pictures. Living vicariously through you because this is one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Praying for safety and lots of laughter.


  4. So thankful the team is back together! Orrin and the George Hotel…Wowza! The spread of food looks like the island in Janet’s kitchen! You guys are amazing. Keep up the grand adventure!


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