Lone Star Hiking Trail Day 3 – Magnolia Campsite MM68.5 to East 4 Notch Campsite MM51.5

One mile hike to get out of the woods then the 2.4 mile hike on blacktop to Evergreen Baptist Church and their awesome water faucet! Still early so cool and I had a nice long rest with the water at Evergreen, that I paid for later. Evergreen to TH9 is dirt road. One dog after about .75 mile but she looked very pregnant and not interested. Some dogs on each side about a mile later – the ones on the left were fenced, the one on the right did not have a visible fence. Barks were definitely worse than any bite. I carried on and enjoyed the horses and cows giving me the strange looks! Into Big Woods and a fine nap on the bench at Big Woods camp. Fine water at the beautiful pond at 58.5. And then a 7 mile march with about 2.5 miles on dirt road. That stretch just seems like a slog. Arrived at East 4 Notch camp after 6pm which is later than ideal. Great water at another beautiful pond. Some mozzies at the site but not too bad. I was very happy to lie down! Nearly halfway. Getting tired but I think the next day will be the big one – lots of road and the psychology of getting past I45.

Interesting bark shedding close to Magnolia camp. Caused by pine beetles.
No longer used.
It’s nice to have a smiling face as you walk along the road into Evergreen!
Evergreen Baptist water. Thank you!
I loved the avenue of trees at the entrance to Big Woods.
A bit more water in Big Woods. This was a flooded FSR. Could get around with the help of a log or two.
Big Woods campsite.
What a fine napping bench!
Tent pad ready for a longer sleep!
Great view from the napping bench!
I think I remember this section from 2 years ago when these plants were 7 ft. tall! Probably cleared in a burn. Made it easier to navigate! I believe they are called beauty berry bushes (thanks Cathy Murphy!)
Pond by East 4 Notch. Fine for drinking after filtering, but the Sawyer Squeeze did need some backflushing.
Sign to the campsite. The campsite names on the sign posts are different than other sources!

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