Lone Star Hiking Trail Day 2 – Tarkington Campsite MM83.55 to Magnolia Campsite MM68.5

The previous evening’s storms passed. After a fine night at the primitive campsite at MM83.5, the trails had generally drained very well and I managed to keep my feet dry. Mozzies weren’t bad either until after Double Lake. A few downed trees across the path, just to remind you there was some recent wind! There is an unofficial campsite at about MM81.3, but it was a mozzie hangout. Looked like someone had recently left in a hurry – quite a lot of untouched food, so maybe the storm the night before had driven them off. Managed to carry it to Double Lake. Big Creek scenic area beautiful and no signal. Great walk up to Double Lake which is always a great rest. After Double Lake, mozzies came back but they weren’t as bad as before. I met Steve and Teri on the trail and shared tips. They’d waded San Jacinto and it was chest deep, before the storm. I’d already planned the detour which was easier to navigate than I’d expected. A 1.8 mile road walk at the end of the day is tough. Back on the trail and follow what the LSHT water guide describes as an intermittent stream but it was flowing nicely. I gambled on it still flowing near the camp and it was – best place was just beyond it. Magnolia campsite was great, though not sure if someone has stolen the fire ring! With the detour adding about a mile, this was a 16-17 mile day. Temperature is very nice!!

Nice walkway through the little swamp in this section.
Unofficial campsite at about 81.3, but standing water so mozzies…..
I just love seeing the wild magnolia petals on the forest floor.
And a young magnolia tree!
View of Big Creek from a bench.
Fallen tree across the trail from the storm the night before. But the LSHT maintenance team heroes had it cleared the following day!
If doing the detour around East San Jacinto, the only uncertainty was being sure I was on FSR280B. The label behind this sign confirmed. It is also a pipeline, and there are other pipelines!
End of FSR and turn into the woods, but it was actually marked quite well.
Bridge over the creek. Better than nothing – it worked!
If it’s running, you can hear this from .5 mile away.
San Jacinto river from the road bridge on the bypass. Glad I went around! I’d previously tried the log but I don’t have a head for heights and am a bit wobbly!
Sign to the campsite from the trail. It still works!
Lots of room at the campsite.
It looks like someone had stolen the fire ring!

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