Lone Star Hiking Trail Day 5 – MM33 Pipeline ROW to Lake Conroe MM16.5

I realized I was using up way too much battery, so left the phone (and hence camera) off today, so very few photos which is a shame. After a good night on the edge of Huntsville State Park on the pipeline ROW, it was an easy walk down the hill to Camelia dam. What I hadn’t thought about was the dew – the grass was wet and hence my shoes. Probably the wettest so far! Crossed the dam very VERY carefully as it is so slippery. A gentleman on the far side was filling his hummingbird feeder and very kindly offered me water or if I needed anything, but all was good. Nice morning hike through the woods. I stopped at the campsite at MM28.9 for breakfast. There are two campsites, one each side of the pond. Both look great. This pond is labelled poor quality water in the guide and I am not sure why, though I did not need any so did not filter. The road walk was mostly on dirt road, and the first obstacle was a herd of cows. Some were quite young and inquisitive, and the others were quite skittish, so I was careful! Back into the woods and stopped to get water at Fern Creek – well I think it was as there were a few creeks. I even saw a tiny fish, which makes me think this one sticks around a while. Mozzies get really bad again from about MM22 to the bridge which reflects the marshiness. Managed to find a way over Stubblefield bridge – they have made good progress and it should be completely open soon! Stubblefield campground was busy, probably full – this was a Saturday. Celebrated when I found soap in their restroom! (The Double Lake restroom does not…). Cleaned up and got water and chilled in the sun a bit. Then off to the Conroe campsite. Found the remnants of a burnt-out bridge over Quicksand creek, so I guess they don’t survive the controlled burns. There were many other groups at the Conroe site – a couple of scout groups and a couple of families and more, but I was able to find a spot. If dates can be arranged and Conroe was a planned stop, it would be good to avoid Saturday night. Probably Friday too. Having gone dark for a day, I felt more confident in turning my phone back on so got one picture from my campsite!

The view from my tent. The best sites by the water’s edge were already taken. Best to avoid this site on the weekends if possible.
A nice sunrise though!
Not a lot of room for my tent.
My meal kit, along with the kitchen “table”!

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