Coast to Coast Day 18: Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay

This is what we set out for when we left St. Bees. With the finish this close, my family’s primary focus was finishing. With what looked like being the longest day with plenty of climbs, we decided to leave early at 6am. Of course, it was very light, but everything was very peaceful. The initial hike out of Grosmont was by road, so it wasn’t like Kidsty Pike and actually easier than we had expected. While many had recommended stopping at the Falling Foss Tea Garden, it wouldn’t be open when we would get there. While Little Beck Wood sounded nice, we realized we could save at least a mile by missing the wood and cutting the corner by road. While the B road was quite busy, the time and distance saving was well received. We plodded on, enjoying the flowers and seeing some very healthy goats for the first time. We’d planned for lunch at the Coast Cafe Bar at a caravan park. Without knowing what to expect, our hopes were not very high, but the food was fantastic! It was one of the best meals of the trip, and a lot of that was because it was different, and with a good salad. Freshly energized, we headed to the cliff path and rejoined the Cleveland Way for the cliffside meanderings to RHB. It was another great opportunity for drone flying. With the gang’s patience running a bit thin, I walked ahead so I could get flying and be ready for group photos. I had high expectations of great cliff photos, but struggled to get them. They were ok or good, but I struggled to capture how we were on the edge of such a precipice! I had fun trying in a couple of places, falling behind the others who marched on when I was putting everything away. I tried to catch up, but they arrived at the hotel before I did, meeting up with Dean and Tracy. We all walked down the steep hill together and onto the beach. Of course, the tide was out, so we walked out across the sand to the water’s edge to cast our Irish Sea pebble into the North! The rapidly advancing tide made sure we dipped our footwear too. We had completed our Coast to Coast with a final day of 14 miles in 6 hours. Woo hoo!

We signed the register at the Bay Hotel, being the first of the day and surprised at the low numbers on previous days. While there might have been 20 people a couple of days earlier. It was just 4 the day before, and some days were empty. I sense many don’t sign the book. We had to ask a lovely couple to move away from the C2C sign so we could take our final finisher’s photo, before heading back up the steep hill to the hotel. It was great for Tracy to have joined us, showing determination to overcome her injuries and ensure Team Sloth was together at the end! And we all needed Dean’s jokes to get us back up that hill! While we could check in to the hotel, our luggage had not arrived yet, so it was a cream tea in our smelly hiking clothes first, and then cleaning up and relaxing. The hotel has fine views over the bay, but the outside temperature dropped surprisingly quickly when some clouds rolled in. The fine views were also a treat during a lovely dinner, where we made our plans for tomorrow and reminisced about all of our previous days’ walking, hotels, meals, and people we’d met. Tomorrow’s weather forecast looks great for sunrise, so perhaps I will make it at 4:45am for a final drone flight…

The walk is over but the trip is not quite, and nor is this blog. While the blogger is exhausted, he feels there is more to do to finish his task. I expect there will be some adventure on our way back to Heathrow which will be worth telling. Also, I want to write a “highlights” as a way to help me process the trip, and then a “reflections” which will suggest how others might avoid our scars, while also ruminating on what we learned about ourselves and what that might mean for whatever is next! If you have travelled with us this far, hang on a bit more. But that will be later, and sleep is tonight’s priority!

Check out the overview video of this final leg at

Dean and Tracy elected not to join us for our 6am start!
The houses leading out of Grosmont show the history of being covered in soot. I noted that the steam train burns much cleaner fuel now! Note how steep the road is!…
I thought the road had been steep until I saw this sign, and realized it was just beginning. It was over a mile of climbing, but it was all on quiet road.
As the road leveled off, we re-entered moorland. While most sheep seemed to be sleeping, this pair were up and about, dodging the rare car!
It was a bit chilly. Why are you taking this photo, Janet asks…. We can see the sea!
It’s always nice to walk past beautiful wildflowers.
It was frustrating seeing so many blackberry bushes but too early for any fruit 😞.
We paused for a snack in Littlebeck, as this church reminded us how Isaiah tells us to!
We bypassed Falling Foss as the tea room wouldn’t be open, and it shortened the day by over a mile.
The “Heavy Plant Crossing” sign, warning one about large machinery, always reminds me of a cartoon about Triffids. “The Day of the Triffids” was a popular book when I was growing up, where large (and hence heavy…) plants take over the world when most people are turned blind. Unfortunately, it seems the Triffid tales did not make it across the pond, so I just get blank stares in Texas when I mention this! 😞
When we get off the road, the sun comes out so it is time to capture today’s style!
Janet and I can pose for photos too.
Ok, I admit that Bailey and Samuel do it better!
Bailey wanted a photo of just the RHB road sign, so I try to photo bomb! Can you tell this has been a long adventure?
The field of barley leads to the sea!
But before the sea, we had our fine lunch at the Coast Cafe Bar
Our Curly Wurly Squirlies had not fared well in the heat of previous days, melting into one large blob. But it still tasted yummy! 😎
We are only smiling because we are so close to the end!
The path along the cliff meant drone time, that some were more excited about than others…
Bailey takes her own photos while waiting for the drone pilot to get ready.
A nice family selfie!
Cool cliffs.
Hiking along the cliff path.
It makes me feel uncomfortable seeing how close we were to the edge!
There was lots of beautiful clover flowers. I think I have always been scared of this since I knelt on a bee in them when I was young. Ow!
At last I see Robin Hood’s Bay! But I had fallen behind the others.
I finally catch up and am greeted by the very-steep-downhill warning.
Narrow streets lead to the sea, with lots of tourists oblivious to the great achievement you are about to finish!
Finally, you make it to the bottom. Team Sloth at the finish line!
Ready to throw the pebble!
What tremendous throwing technique from all members of the team!
WE HAVE FINISHED! We just need to climb up to the hotel in the top right of the picture!
The tide was out, so it was a much longer walk to get to the sea compared to high tide!
Our official entry into the finisher’s log.
Our final team finisher’s photo?!
Celebratory cream tea. Yum!

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7 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Day 18: Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay

  1. Judy and I have traveled vicariously with you every day. We wish we could have shared the cream teas with you! Tracy MUST plan a reunion dinner with our Team Sloth Family when we are next in Houston. Practice your Scone making skills.

    This suggestion may be premature but I think the Townsends might enjoy a hike down into the Grand Canyon with Team Sloth and Matt & Torrey.

    Thank you Peter for your blog. We enjoyed every minute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done Team Sloth. I will do miss these daily updates. So pleased you are writing your reflections. Will look forward to reading them.


  3. Fabulous journey!! Thank you for “taking us along”! We have thoroughly enjoyed every entry! We’ll done!!
    You have inspired us to plan a similar trip…!

    Liked by 1 person

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